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Green Mark1000 ml2500
50 ml150
Nastoika honey with pepper500 mll2500
50 ml270
Stolichnaya (Cristal. Moscow)750 ml2500
50 ml190
Samogon № 5700 ml3500
50 ml270
Russian Stundart1000 ml5100
50 ml270
Russian Standart Platinum1000 ml6000
50 ml320
Russian Standart Imperia1000 ml6500
50 ml350

Strong Alcohol

Green Magic30 ml420
Bacardi (white, black, gold)50 ml390
Beefeater50 ml390
Sauza (silver, gold)50 ml390
Ballantine’s50 ml430
Johnnie Walker Red50 ml430
Johnnie Walker Black50 ml650
Chivas Regal 12 Years Old50 ml800
Macallan 12 Years Old (single malt)50 ml900
Irish Whiskey
Jameson50 ml430
Tennessee Whiskey
Jack Daniel’s50 ml580
Ararat 5*****50 ml350
Ararat Akhtamar 10 Years Old50 ml550
Metaxa7*******50 ml550
Courvoisier VS50 ml680
Courvoisier XO50 ml1500
Hennessy VS50 ml850
Hennessy VSOP50 ml950
Remy Martin VSOP50 ml950
Amaretto50 ml300
Baileys50 ml350
Galliano50 ml370
Cointreau50 ml420
Kahlua50 ml450
Coconut50 ml350
Sambuca50 ml450
Blue Curacao50 ml370
Creme de Cassis de Dijon50 ml370
Jägermeister50 ml370

Wines of France

White Wines
Laville Pavillon/ Bordeaux. АОС. Blanc sec.750 ml2300
150 ml490
Laville Pavillon. Bordeaux. АОС. Blanc Moelleux.750 ml2300
150 ml490
Riesling .Alsace. АОС. Arthur Metz. Blanc Demi sec.750 ml2900
Chardonnay Bourgogne. АОС. Mont Fleuri. Blanc sec.750 ml2900
Chablis .“Pierre Nerol”. АОP. Blanc sec.750 ml4200
Gewurztraminer Alsace. АОС. Michel Leon. Demi sec.750 ml4200
Red Wines
Laville Pavillon Bordeaux. АОС. Rouge sec.750 ml2300
150 ml490
Cotes du Rhone Mont Fleuri. АОС. Rouge sec.750 ml2900
Pinot Noir Bourgogne. АОС. Mont Fleuri. Rouge sec.750 ml3500
Chateau Fongiras Medoc. АОС.Rouge sec.750 ml3900
Chateau Latour-Laguens Boedeaux Superieur. АОС. Rouge sec.750 ml3900
Rose Wines
Rose D'Anjou. Demi-Sec.750 ml2300
150 ml490

Wines of Spain, Italy and Porto

Red Wine of Spaine
Muriel Crianza Rioja.Tinto seco.0,75 l3500
White Wines itali
Pinot Grigio Bianco secco750 ml2300
150 ml490
Gavi DOCG. Bianco secco750 ml3500
Red Wines Itali
Hero d' Avola Rosso secco.750ml2300
150 ml490
Dolcetto d` Asti DOC. Rosso secco.750 ml3700
Chianti Classico. DOCG. Rosso secco.750 ml3900
Porto. Puby, White, Tawny.Barros100 ml390

Wines of Chili and Australia

White Wines Chili
Terra Andina. Chardonnay. Dry750 ml1900
150 ml390
Red Wines Chili
Terra Andina. Merlo. Dry750 ml1900
150 ml390
White Wines Australia
Kangaroo Ridge. Chardonnay. Dry750 ml2500
Red Wines Australia
Kangaroo Ridge. Chiraz. Semi dry750 ml2500

Wines of Georgian & Azerbaijan

White wines Georgian
Zinandali. ZMerani. Ascaneli. Dry.750 ml2300
150 ml490
Gurdjaani. Ascaneli. Dry.750 ml2300
150 ml490
Red wines Georgian
Ahasheni. Ascaneli. Semi sweet.750 ml2300
150 ml490
Mykyzani.Ascaneli. Dry.750 ml2600
150 ml550
Kindzmarayli.Ascaneli. Semi sweet.750 ml3900
White wines Azerbaijan
Rkaziteli-Chardonnay. Dry.750 ml1700
150 ml350
Red wines Azerbaijan
Madrasa. Dry.750 ml1700
150 ml350
Saperavi-Cabernet Sauvignon. Semy dry.750 ml
150 ml350

Vermouth & Champagne

Martini (bianco, rosso, dry, rose)50 ml290
Campari50 ml290
Lev Golitsyn (brut, semisec)0,75 l1300
50 ml190
Asti Martini375 ml1300


Bloody Masha (Vodka, Tomato juice, Tabasco)200 ml270
Bloody Mishа (Same as Masha, but with balls)200 ml290
@.ru (Vodka, Lemon juice, Tabasco)50 ml250
Screwdriver (Vodka, Orange juice)200 ml250
Royal Screwdriver (Vodka Russian Standart, Freshly squeezed orange juice)200 ml430
Margarita (Tequila, Cointreau, Lemon juice)90 ml540
B-52 (Cointreau, Kahlua, Irish cream)50 ml430
Blue (Blue curacao, Bacardi, 7-UP)250 ml470
Girl’s dreams (Amaretto, Milk, Ice cream, Bananas)250 ml490
Gin and tonic (Beefeater, Tonic)200 ml490
Pino Colada (Rom, Coconut, Pineapple juice, Cream)250 ml590
Coconut Botva (Freshly squeezed Grapefruit juice, Vodka, Coconut)250 ml550
Long Island Iced Tea (Rum, Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Cointreau, Pepsi)250 ml590
Kir Royal (Сhampagne, Crem de Cassis)120 ml390
Kir (White Wine, Crem de Cassis)120 ml370
Tequila sunrise (Tequila, Campari, Orange juicе)200 ml540
Campari Оrange (Campari, Orange juice)200 ml540
Black Russian (Vodka, Kahlua)60 ml450
White Russian (Vodka, Kahlua, Cream)90 ml490
Crime (ours) and Punishment (for you) - Vodka, Martini, Cognac, Champagne200 ml540
Bacardi Cola (Bacardi, Cola)200 ml490
Martini - Lemon (Martini, Champagne, Lemon juice)180 ml550
Crazy Cow`s Milk (Cointreau, Blue curacao, Galliano, Pineapple juice, Cream)250 ml520
Kamikaze (Vodka, Cointreau, Lemon juice)150 ml490

No Alco Cocktails

Milk Foam (Milk, Ice-cream, Syrup)250 ml270
Banana’s Paradise (Milk, Ice-cream, Bananas)250 ml270
Tenderness (Peach juce, Ice-cream, Cream)250 ml270
Red Hat (Sour cream, Tomato juice)250 ml220
Child-hood (Pineapple & Peach juice, Bananas)250 ml220.
Fruit ice. (Fruits, syrup, ice)250 ml220.


Beer Draft
Zolotaia Bochka (Golden barrel)300 ml210
500 ml270
Beer Bottle
Clausthaler non-alcohol330 ml270
Krušovice Světlé (light)330 ml270
Krušovice Černe (black)330 ml270
Peroni330 ml270

Soft Drinks

Bottle of Pure Water330 ml120
Borjomi (Georgian mineral water)330 ml220
Vittel (Bottle of Mineral Water)330 ml220
Perrier (Bottle of Mineral Water)330 ml270
Pepsi-Cola, 7-up, Mirinda, Tonic250 ml190
Juice (orange, apple, tomato, grapefruit, cherry, pineapple, peach)200 ml150
Mors home made200 ml150
Lemonade (Freshly squeezed lemon juice, spirkling water, syrup)500 ml300
1000 ml550.
Freshly squeezed - Orange, Carrot ore Grapefruit juice200 ml270

Hot Drinks

Hot Cacao200 ml190
Hot Cacao with Whipped cream230 ml230
Hot Chocolate100 ml230
Hot Chocolate with Whipped cream130 ml260

Hot Winter Cocktails
Grog200 ml390
Ginger Grog200 ml390
Glintvein200 ml440
Pilulia or Kirdik for Bacilla (For everybody who has got cough & wants to get rid of it)100 ml350
Sbiten no alco200 ml350

Espresso50 ml190
Americano 100 ml190
Cappuccino200 ml250
Big Cappuccino350 ml390
Irish (Whiskey, Coffe, Wipped cream)170 ml420
Armenian (Coffee, Cognac)100 ml310
Coffe-Baileys100 ml310
Hot Shot (Coffee, Liqueur, Wipped cream)70 ml310
Portion of creams50 ml50
Milk100 ml50

Tea List240
Sparkling Ceylon (The Ceylon tea with the high maintenance of kidneys. Reddish shade)
Irish whiskey (Black tea with aroma of the Irish whisky)
Erl Grey (Black tea with oil of a bergamot)
Tarry Lapsang Souchong (Smoked tea from the dried up tea leaves. Made on fire from pine fire wood)
Sunny (Black tea, fpineapple and papaya cubes, rose petals, flowers sunflower, cornflower, calendula)
Kilimanjaro (Mix of black and green teas, strawberry slices, red currant and sandalwood)
Sencha (Green traditional Japanese tea with delicate aroma and nut tones)
Lemon-Ice (Chinese green tea with chamomile, apple, flowers and citron of an orange, caramel chips, lemon juice)
Mojito-Mint (Green tea with peppery mint)
Jasmine Monkey King (Green Chinese tea from province Huan with easy aroma, spiciness and tonic properties)
Wheel of Fortune (Hibiscus, slices of pineapple, a mango, papayas, black currant, roses, little raisins, orange)
Raspberry Fruit Blend (Raspberry, slices of an apple, beet and carrot)
Rooibos Heart of Bolivia (Rooibos from South Africa with a citrus)
Antistress (Kink-go leaves and citrus)
Bride bolls 240


Roasted salted pistachios60 g80
Deep fried brown bread with garlic250 g180
Deep fried brown bread with cheese250 g180